A new paradigm in biological drug formulation

Our mission is to develop novel formulations for biological drugs that enable direct and exclusive delivery to diseased cells and tissues. These drugs penetrate the cells and are activated in the cytoplasm. We are investigating our concept for the oligonucleotide drug family of siRNAs. We are thus enabling a broad potential of these new generation drugs that recently appeared in the drug landscape.

Greatly expanded therapy options with oligonucleotide drugs

It is estimated that only 10-15% of human proteins are disease-modifying, but only 2% of human proteins interact with approved drugs. As a result, there is a large pool of high-quality drug targets that are currently not accessible via conventional drugs. Palto Therapeutics plans to access this space of high quality targets with biological agents such as oligonucleotide-based agents (siRNAs and antisense oligonucleotides). The transition to highly specific biological drugs enables precise and personalized treatment of various life-threatening diseases. New mechanisms of action for biological drugs are becoming possible.

While biologics only have access to the extracellular space, the recent approval of a number of siRNA-based drugs has proven that safe and efficient delivery to the cytoplasm is pharmacologically possible. Palto Therapeutics will modify both clinically proven and novel delivery strategies using new functionalized formulations. Such novel and proprietary formulation strategies include designs for solving in vivo stability problems in biological fluids as well as for targeted distribution to tissue or cell types of choice. The development of a standardized formulation concept that includes essential delivery functions will reduce the high optimization effort for siRNA drugs and make an important target area accessible for therapeutics.